Phoenix pair calls 911 over missing McDonald's hash browns

(WJLA) - A lack of hash browns was apparently cause to call 911 earlier this week.

ABC 15 in Phoenix reports that a couple got extremely angry that employees at a McDonald's restaurant forgot to include hash browns in their morning combo meal. The customers, Michael and Nova Smith, said that they "probably would have went berserk" had the 911 operator not called them back.

"I just was barely able to hold myself back," Michael told ABC 15.

Eventually, police say that the two threw a bag of food at employees and hit one in the arm, leading to an assault charge.

It's hardly the first time that someone has abused emergency telephone lines over fast food. In April of 2012, a woman in Tennessee called 911 - twice, mind you - to complain about the quality of her food at a Hardee's restaurant.

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