Paula Deen fallout: Smithfield Foods dropping Paula Deen as spokeswoman

Smithfield Foods is dropping Paula Deen as a spokeswoman.

The announcement Monday came days after the Food Network said it would not renew Deen's contract. Deen admitted using racial slurs in the past in a deposition that came to light last week in a discrimination lawsuit.
In a statement, Smithfield said it "condemns the use of offensive and discriminatory language and behavior of any kind."

Deen was scheduled to appear on NBC's "Today" show on Wednesday, according to host Matt Lauer. Last week she abruptly canceled on the morning show.

While questioned last month in a discrimination lawsuit, the 66-year-old Food Network star admitted to using the N-word in the past, but she insisted she and her family do not tolerate prejudice.

Mwanwhile, the home shopping network, QVC, is considering severing ties with the celebrity chef.

“QVC does not tolerate discriminatory behavior. We are aware that there is ongoing litigation that’s examining the situation,” the network said.

“We’re watching those developments closely and reviewing our business relationship with Mrs. Deen.”

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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