Osama bin Laden dead: What next for the War on Terror? (poll)

As Americans took to the streets to celebrate the death of Osama bin Laden, local and federal officials warned of "enhanced potential for anti-American violence."

Will the death of al Qaeda's founder weaken the terrorist organization or provoke them?

pollWidget('{"rowID":0,"replacementLabel":"","code":"", "itemID":4857, "width":0,"height":0, "mainColor":"444444", "backgroundColor":"ffffff", "bordersColor":"eeeeee", "headerFooterTextColor":"444444", "headerFooterBackgroundColor":"eeeeee", "font":"Georgia", "showVotes":1, "roundedCorners":1, "rootUrl":"","skin":"" ,"voteButtonCaption":"","readmoreLinkCaption":""}'); What do you think Osama bin Laden's death means for the War on Terror?