Oklahoma: Lost letters found in tornado debris are finally returned to owners

MOORE, Okla. (WJLA) -- For the Kriesel family, all that’s left of home is ruined remains, dirt, and rubble. Everything else was destroyed on May 19.

The family did not have a storm shelter, despite the fact that reports recommended that everyone get underground immediately due to the oncoming tornado.

Having to stay above ground, they locked arms over their girls and prayed – while cars and tractor trailers flew overhead. Bricks and boards hit them as houses ripped apart only feet away.

“We knew the walls were gone," they said. "It was just a horrific sound. Chaos."

Somehow, the bathtub where the girls were sheltered remained in place, while almost everything else around them was destroyed. The family now calls the bathtub their “ark,” and Amber says she believes that it was the hand of God that held her family down:

“From everything that happened and everything that we saw when we came out - we shouldn't be here.”

With broken gas lines and dangerous debris everywhere, families were not allowed back in – but reporters were. And it was in a pile of mud that ABC7 found letters that someone clearly treasured, quickly becoming ruined by exposure to rain. We took them, determined to find their rightful owners, and finally with the help of KTOK Radio, we did.