New flyers in Sochi prompt terrorism fears

(WJLA) - The spectacle of athleticism collided in Vologograd, Russia with the sobering reality of terrorism.

The Olympic torch passed through the city on Monday – the same city rocked last month by two attacks that claimed more than 30 lives.

Now, the men claiming responsibility for those suicide bombings are vowing to target tourists visiting the winter games in Sochi next month.

Keep in mind, Sochi is only a few hundred miles from their suspected location of Dagestan, the region in the Caucuses considered a hotbed for extremism.

In a new and chilling twist, flyers of this 22-year-old woman from Dagestan are being posted in Sochi. Officials there fear that this so-called “Black Widow” may already be in Sochi plotting an attack in retaliation for Russian forces killing her husband – who was an Islamic militant.

It’s a possibility that doesn’t sit well with this member of Congress.

"I am very concerned about the security of the games," said Republican Rep. Mike Rogers from Michigan.

But Russian president Vladimir Putin insists that his security forces in Sochi, which number more than 40,000, will not allow terrorism to taint these games:

"The job of the Olympics host is to ensure security of the participants in the Olympics and visitors. We will do whatever it takes.”