Never before seen home videos reveal British royals' childhood secrets

Images from newly released video of British royal family childhoods. (Photo: ABC)

LONDON, England (ABC News) -- As part of a new exhibit at Buckingham Palace, the Royal Collection Trust has released rare home footage of the royal family.

It features shots of Queen Elizabeth riding a horse as a young girl and dancing, her sister Princess Margaret as a teen, and Prince Philip riding a tricycle with Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

There are also still photographs of gifts that have been given to royal children, including President Obama's gift to Prince George.

"I really like this because it brings home the idea that all monarchs were children once," said Anna Reynolds, the curator of the 'Royal Childhood' exhibition.

"It's very easy to forget, because Buckingham Palace is such a well-known building. It was also bought as a family home," she explained. "Several other monarchs also raised large families here and it's still used as a family home today, and we're trying to give an insight into that that element of the building."