NATO sends surveillance aircraft over Poland and Romania to monitor worsening Ukraine situation

(WJLA) - A U.N. ambassador says the situation in Crimea is worsening, and is accusing Russia of "not listening."

NATO now says it is sending surveillance aircraft to fly over Poland and Romania to monitor developments in neighboring Ukraine, where Russian troops are strengthening their control over Crimea.

The military alliance says the decision to send airborne warning and control system planes were made by NATO's 28 member states.

In the meantime, Russia says it is drafting a counter proposal to the United States' plans for a negotiated solution.

The Kremlin announced the new western-backed government, saying it is unacceptable. American officials are now okaying a potential investigation into acts of violence, addressing President Putin's concerns over the government takeover, which Moscow now describes as "a coup."

More and more Russian troops are mobilizing.