MVRDV apologizes for design resembling Twin Tower attacks

      The Cloud towers by MVRDV. (Photo: MVRDV)

      A blueprint of two high-rises slated to go up in Seoul, South Korea have some saying the buildings resemble New York's Twin Towers billowing smoke and fire.

      Dezeen magazine reports:

      Dutch architects MVRDV designed two skyscrapers that will be joined at the hip by a pixelated cluster.

      The cluster of blocks will swell out from the 27th floors of the 260 and 300 meter-high luxury residential towers, collectively named The Cloud.

      On December 9, MVRDV issued an apology on its Facebook page, saying they "regret deeply any connotations The Cloud project evokes regarding 9/11, it was not our intention."

      Read the original article about the architectural project here.

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