Mother's housework worth three times as much as father's, report says

Photo courtesy Loimere via Flickr)

At their Gaithersburg home, Russell Moore's two boys - aged 2 and 4 - keep him running in circles on an everyday basis. According to an report, though, the value of his housework is a drop in the bucket compared to his wife's.

The Father's Day Index says that the typical father's chores around the house carries a monetary value of $20,250 if a professional were to do them. On the flip side, mom's work is worth three times that much at $60,182.

In the Moore household, both mom and dad do the same amount of helping with homework, but he admits that mom does most of the cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping.

"I'm not sure three times...but I do think mom's (work) is worth more than dad's," Silver Spring mother Trish Koch said.

However, not everyone believe mom is necessarily worth more than dad, including Moore, who facilitates a father's group.

"I really do appreciate the role that men are taking," he said. "I really love that men are stepping up their roles as fathers."

The report bases its numbers from compensation statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for tasks such as driving, child care, helping with homework and other tasks.

You can check out the entire report here.