Microsoft 'Smart Bra' measures emotional eating for women

Photo courtesy of Microsoft

(WJLA) - Here’s something to be merry about this holiday season: private sector employers added about 215,000 jobs in November. That’s the strongest level of hiring in a year, according to payroll processing firm, ADP.

The ADP jobs report also shows that businesses with fewer than 50 employees accounted for 102,000 of the new jobs. Meanwhile, large businesses with more than 500 employees added 65,000 positions.

Hiring also picked up in the construction, manufacturing, and financial sectors. The ADP report is closely watched by economists and investors, and it comes just two days before the Labor Department’s monthly jobs report, which also includes data on government jobs.

And in important recall news, some defibrillators used by emergency responders that help someone in case of a heart attack could fail to work, according to the FDA.

The life-saving medical device is called the Heartstart FRx, made by Philips Medical Systems. They were recalled last year, but the FDA says that some people may still have the models in question -- and they shouldn’t be using the device until it is replaced.

Haven’t stopped overeating since Thanksgiving? Well, ladies, the SmartBra by Microsoft has arrived.

It is designed to detect stress and help women avoid emotional eating. Researchers at the University of Rochester equipped sensors that trace a woman’s mood based on heart and skin activity, and then it performs an Electrocardiography (EKG).

The data then goes to your Smartphone app to remind you not to overeat.