Michelle Obama's Hawai'i outfits include $2,000 sundress

The First Lady is catching some heat for her choice of expensive clothing, including this skirt.

President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, have drawn the ire of many pundits and members of the public for the presumed price tag of their 17-day vacation to Hawai'i.

But now, the First Lady's wardrobe is the center of controversy, as Mrs. Obama was spotted in a thousand-dollar sundress while attending Christmas Day services and another pricey outfit while meeting with servicemen.

ABC News reports that the dress she wore on Christmas Day was a $2,000 Sophie Theallet sundress, while her getup while meeting with members of the Armed Forces clocked in at $950.

That's drawing the attention of many who see her choice in clothing not in line with her message of frugality and smart spending.

"Some see the first lady’s penchant for expensive labels at odds with her reputation as a bargain shopper who frequents J. Crew and Target," Luchina Fisher wrote on

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