Men are happier when given chores, study shows

The “honey, do” list is actually not something hubbies are avoiding, a new study is showing.

“A major survey of gender inequality in contemporary society has found lingering echoes of old-fashioned, ‘male breadwinner’ values, but also evidence that men are happier when they do their fair share of household chores,” a new study by Cambridge University showed.

The study looked at men in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Britain. Participants were asked about their work-life balance and also on how much time they spent on tasks like cooking, washing, cleaning, shopping and property maintenance, the study said.

“The study suggests that this may be because more men support gender equality, so they feel uncomfortable if the woman does most of the housework, and because women are becoming more assertive and making their dissatisfaction with lazy partners plain!” the study said.