Tillman criticizes McChrystal appointment to military family group

President Barack Obama's choice of Gen. Stanley McChrystal to advise a commission devoted to military families is creating some controversy. The mother of NFL start Pat Tillman is especially upset.

Her son was killed in Afghanistan in a friendly fire incident. The circumstances of his death were covered up for years. Mary Tillman, Pat's mother, contends McChrystal was involved in the cover-up.

The group itself, called "Joining Forces," is a program that makes it easy for Americans to lend a hand to military families. It's currently being promoted across the country by Michelle Obama and Jill Biden.

Having Gen. McChrystal co-chair the group is a "slap in the face to all soldiers," Mary Tillman told Good Morning America. "Someone who has a heartfelt desire to help families would not have been involved in the cover-up of a soldier's death," she said.

She contends President Obama made a mistake appointing Mc Chrystal to the post. The White House defended its choice.

"The President feels strongly that General McChrystal is the right person to help lead this advisory committee on this vital issue," a White House spokesman said.

At the National Military Family Association, part of "Joining Forces," the hope is McChrystal's presence won't take away from those in need.

The Army ultimately cleared McChrystal of any wrongdoing. His new role, however, is like putting Bernie Madoff on a commission for pensions, one critic said.