Marine rescues poodle from double attack in Charles Town

(WJLA) - Denise Jordan-Williams is relieved to have Drake back home in her arms following surgery that patched up her beloved eight-year-old miniature poodle.

"They were going to kill him," she says. "I have never in my life seen anything so vicious."

Williams said that Drake was nearly killed Sunday afternoon in her front yard in Charles Town by two roaming Akitas, who pounced on Drake after getting loose from a nearby yard:

"And I just screamed 'No!' And before I knew it they were just tearing at him."

She says that only moments later, James Cockrell, who was visiting family nearby, rushed over and sacrificed his own safety to jump into the fray.

"I just know he was laying on the ground and had kind of pinned one of the dogs," explains Denise.

"You see somebody in distress or anything in distress, you want to help," says Cockrell. "And the only way to help unfortunately was to jump in and possibly suffer some consequences. But i guess the dog is fine and I'm fine so everyone's on full recovery."

Cockrell, a Marine who served in the Iraq War, says his instincts kicked in:

"I couldn't sit there and watch it. I don't think anybody could."

Drake’s owner appreciates Cockrell’s modesty – but she would prefer to describe this former military man’s actions in more valiant terms:

"He is a Marine. He's what this country needs. He's a brave man that's prepared to step in on instinct."