Man buys 500 coffees at Tim Hortons, has store give them away

File photo: Wikimedia Commons

It's not every day that a person picks up a coffee tab for 500 people - let alone someone else - but it did happen Monday in Canada.

According to the Canadian Press, an unidentified man went into a Tim Horton's coffee and donut shop in Edmonton on Monday and asked a cashier how many cups of coffee they sell in a day.

He then purchased $859 in large coffees and told the store to give them away to the next 500 people that came through the doors. It took the store several hours to dole out the free java to delighted customers.

"We were thinking maybe he was so blessed that he wanted to share his blessing, or maybe he won the lotto or something," Tim Hortons store manager Joanne Averion told the Canadian Press.