Man and dog rescued from cliff in California (Video)

An afternoon hike nearly became the deadliest fetch.

A one year old German Shepard mix named Lola got stuck halfway down a crumbling 300 foot cliff near Los Angeles. Her 19 year old owner Ivan Salas trying to rescue her, which got them both stuck.

"When I was going half way down I thought that was the end,” Salas says. “I was going too fast and I couldn't stop."

Stuck because Ivan's dad threw a plastic bottle over the edge and Lola did what dogs do: She fetched

And Ivan ran after her, struggling to reach her as the mountain gives way under his feet.

Rescues first tried to bring in a helicopter, but the downdraft from the chopper's blades was kicking up too much loose dirt on the dangerously unstable terrain.

"When the helicopter tried to rescue me that's when I thought I was gonna die because the dog was getting nervous,” Salas says. “She was shaking a lot and I was sliding down as well."

With Ivan's grip on the cliff wall starting to fade, firefighters went to plan B, repelling down to the rescue, taking first Lola and then Ivan as the ground crumbled around them.

Hours later they were back home, reunited with family and unhurt from their life or death game of fetch.

Ivan says he plans to hike those mountains again, just not with his dad. And when asked if he had to do it over again, he'd still go after Lola.