Thousands pour into London for royal wedding

Flags are flying high outside of the Royal Palace. Just beyond the glittering gates, streets are blocked as a horse drawn carriage driver rehearses the parade route.

Royal watchers of all nationalities have traveled to London wanting to witness the special day when Prince William and his bride, Kate become husband and wife.

“We don't have this king and queen in France so it's interesting to see,” said Maxime Denechaud from Paris.

Giselle Peter came to London for a different wedding - her cousin's which is also on Friday.

“I think we've been upstaged so we've been shuttling between what's happening with the Royals and in our own family,” Peter said.

It's fanfare that is nearly impossible to compete with. And whether you love the Royals - or not - the fairy tale love story seems to be captivating audiences around the globe.