Local humanitarian helps refugees fleeing Iraq

(WJLA) -{ }"You don't think about your house, you don't think about your belongings, you don't think about anything except staying alive," says Iqbal Al-Juboori, who as an Iraqi was threatened and her brother abducted.

Now, as a program officer here for International Relief and Development, she is helping those with nowhere else to go:

"You have city after city falling down in ISIS hands, so people are fleeing away from the whole area, not from their house to a relative's house, meaning that they don't have anyone out there!"

Because of the terror group’s invasion, there are an estimated 280,000 refugees in need of shelter, food, and clothing. The number, says Al-Juboori, may soon be one million.

"The majority are women and children and the elderly, so let's say they're the weaker part of the population."

Al-Juboori just returned 10 days ago, and spent most of her time in the Kurdish region – one of the few areas considered safe. This is why most of the displaced head there, and now, the problem multiplies due to those also feeling Syria – and what they have seen has been devastating.

From fuel to food, the basics have become rarities, and Americans are among the few able to help on such a large scale.

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