LAX shooting: Security measures reviewed at local malls and airports

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) - One week ago, going shopping and getting ready for a trip would have seemed like two harmless tasks. Today, not so much.

After Monday night’s shooting at a New Jersey mall and last Friday’s deadly shooting at LAX, the mundane is no longer so mundane.

Hai Ho’s weekly trip to the mall is no longer just about looking out for sales – but also her safety.

“I kind of watch where I'm going and who's around me," she says. "Tomorrow I go to BWI, so I hope it's safe there."

Safety at BWI was a concern on Tuesday for Latasha Williams, who is a frequent flier. There was something different about the airport experience for her.

"I'm questioning in the back of my head everybody... Do the people behind the counter know protocol to keep me safe?" she explains.

Local malls and airports are now taking a new look at security following the last two incidents. Malls were among the first nationwide to enact an active shooter response plan, and officials say they’re working with area first responders to make sure everyone is prepared in case of a shooting.

Area airports heightened security last Friday, and on Tuesday, said that some efforts remain in place to return a sense of security to passengers.

But after the shootings, these places may still never again seem the same to most.