Kenneth Bae video: American remains jailed in North Korea

Kenneth Bay has been in a North Korean prison since last November. Photo: CNN

The American who's currently serving 15 years of hard labor in a North Korean prison is appealing for forgiveness and his release.

Kenneth Bae was taken into custody last November when he was accused by North Korea of "hostile acts" against the regime. He has remained there ever since, and Bae is now asking the United States to do more to secure his freedom.

In a video obtained by CNN that was distributed by Chosun Sinbo, a Japan-based pro-North Korea organization, Bae says that the people he interacts with at the prison camp are considerate, but he's not in good health.

"People here are very considerate, so I'm not working too hard," Bae says in the video. "But, my health is not in the best condition so there are some difficulties."