Joseph Jenkins, Charles Walker released by prison officials fooled by forged documents

This undated combo of photos provided by the Florida Department. of Corrections shows Joseph Jenkins, left and Charles Walker. Walker and Joseph Jenkins were mistakenly released from prison in Franklin County, Fla., in late September and early October.

It is a community on edge, as people are scared to death of two killers who are currently on the loose and could be anywhere.

Joseph Jenkins and Charles Walker both walked out of a Florida panhandle prison within days of each other – Jenkins on September 27, and Walker on October 8.

But it turns out that the documents ordering their release were bogus.

The victims’ families can’t believe it. Roscoe Pugh saw Jenkins gun down his dad during a home invasion robbery 15 years ago in Orlando.

"Since I was nine years old, I said my life would be different if I wouldn't have saw it. I saw it," he says.

"I thought I would never have to see them again in life because they had life sentences," says Crystal Pugh, Roscoe’s mom.

It’s not clear who made the fake documents, which included signatures from both the prosecutor’s office and the judge.

"People, particularly people with criminal minds, come up with ways to beat the system," says Judge Belvin Perry with the Orange County Circuit Court. "They have nothing but time on their hands."

The Department of Corrections says it got the documents from the court and just followed standard release procedures.

"So, in this instance, the department didn't do anything wrong," says Misty Cash with the Dept. of Corrections.

It isn’t clear whether the men worked together on the escape, but a manhunt is now underway to find out.