Jorge Scientific video: U.S. contractor under fire for alleged drinking video

The video, obtained by ABC News, shows contractors allegedly drinking and on drugs. Photo: ABC News

A Crystal City-based security contractor is under fire after ABC News obtained video of its employees in Afghanistan allegedly under the influence of alcohol or drugs as part of what they call "a pattern of outrageous behavior" while working in Afghanistan.

The company in question, Jorge Scientific, says it has taken "decisive action" against the employees who were in the video, which was shot in Kabul, Afghanistan. The employees who gave ABC News by former employees say that the behavior of the employees put lives at risk and went unnoticed by military officials.

In a clip of the video posted to, an unidentified man is shown drinking and surrounded by bottles of alcohol, which is explicitly prohibited by U.S. contractors by the military.

ABC News says that Jorge Scientific has been working under a $47 million contract to provide counter-insurgency training for the Afghan National Police. The Pentagon has now launched a criminal investigation.