Jerry Sandusky trial: Testimonies call Sandusky 'local hero'

First-up in court Monday were fellow football coaches, and long-time friends who told jurors Sandusky is a local hero with a great reputation and that showering with boys is not unusual in the sports world.

“Sandusky has been portrayed by the prosecution as nothing less than a monster and so what does the defense have? They have people who see and know him differently,” said Roger Coassak, ESPN Legal Analyst.

While the testimony may improve Sandusky's image to some jurors, legal analysts say these character witnesses shed little light on the actual 51 charges against Sandusky.

The former coach’s only hope may be his own testimony, but leaving court Monday, he did not say whether or not he’d like to take the stand. Though, months ago, he told the New York Times he wants to clear his name.

But, there is one Sandusky who may take the stand this week—Dottie Sandusky—who has been married to the former football coach for 46 years. She was in court the first day but has not been back since, because potential witnesses are excluded from listening in.