Jason Cullum finds teddy bear in road, helps reunite it with young girl

Cullum helped reunite the bear with its owner, 8-year-old Nikki. Photo: Good Morning America

(WJLA) - When a police officer says he or she is obligated to protect and serve, they mean that for all people, places and things - including teddy bears.

As evidence, we bring you the story of Jason Cullum and Nikki Mayo of Evansville, Ind.

According to ABC News, Cullum was driving to work this past weekend when he noticed that several cars were slowing to swerve around a teddy bear in the roadway. He quickly stopped to pick it up.

A few minutes later, he encountered two men walking along the side of the road; he was surprised that they responded affirmatively if he asked if they were looking for a stuffed animal.

The two men were the father and grandfather of Nikki, whose family was moving that day. The bear had fallen off their trailer, and the girl and bear were quickly reunited.

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