Israel-Hamas tensions: Israeli troops shoot Palestinian man

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - There are indications that today's gunfire along the Israeli border with Gaza won't derail the cease-fire that took effect on Wednesday.

Israeli troops opened fire to push back crowds in Gaza that were surging toward the border fence. One Palestinian was killed and 19 were wounded.

But Hamas security had tried to defuse the situation and keep the crowds away from the border.

In the past, Israel's military kept Palestinians from getting close to the fence. Soldiers routinely opened fire on people who got within a 300-yard-wide zone that was meant to keep infiltrators from getting into Israel.

Since the cease-fire, growing numbers of Gazans had entered that zone, amid expectations that the restrictions would now be lifted.

Most of those approaching the fence today were young men. But the crowds also included farmers who were hoping they could once again farm their lands in the buffer zone.

Before Wednesday's truce, eight days of fighting killed 166 Palestinians and six Israelis.

Egypt is hosting separate talks with Israeli and Hamas envoys on the next phase of the cease-fire -- a new border agreement.

In Israel, meanwhile, a poll suggests that about half of Israelis think their government should have continued its military offensive.