Iowa bar accused of discriminating against woman due to weight

An Iowa student alleges that she was discriminated against at a bar due to her weight. (Photo courtsey of lomo-Cam via Flickr)

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) -- A University of Iowa student says she has twice been discriminated against at an Iowa City bar because of her weight.

Twenty-one-year-old Jordan Ramos told the Iowa City Press-Citizen that she visited Union Bar twice in the past two months and both times was denied access to a platform overlooking the dance floor that other patrons were allowed to use. She says security guards told her that she "was not pretty enough" and that she was "obviously pregnant."

Ramos says other women have told her about similar experiences.
Ramos says she's tried to contact bar management but hasn't gotten a response.

Bar owner George Wittgraf told the newspaper he wasn't aware of Ramos' allegations but he doesn't condone such behavior by his employees. He declined further comment.