Investigators re-enact deadly California bus crash

(WJLA) - On Thursday along California’s Interstate 5, investigators are trying to re-enact the deadly collision that killed 10 when a FedEx truck crashed head-on into a school bus full of high school students.

While one eyewitness originally reported that the truck was already on fire when the driver lost control, investigators now believe that was not the case, and are trying to determine what happened when the driver attempted to change lanes and suddenly careened across the median.

Skid marks show the school bus driver slammed on her brakes to avoid the oncoming truck – but there are no signs that the FedEx driver ever tried to stop.

In Sacramento, these two sisters are grieving for the school bus driver they considered like a daughter to them both.

Talalelei Lealao-Taiao was in her 40’s. She was a wife, mother of two, and just recently a grandmother. The women say she not only valued her job, but also the precious cargo she carried on board her bus.

"Every time when I watch the news and I see the accident, it breaks my heart, and I know that's what her husband is going through with his kids right now," said family friend{ }Temukisa Faalua.

Across town, neighbors are also mourning the loss of the FedEx driver, whose wife and two daughters are now in seclusion.