Ice cream truck music ban could come to Long Beach, Calif.

A Long Beach councilman wants to cut down on the music ice cream trucks play. Photo: KTLA

In one of the more unusual cases of "not in my backyard," a Southern California city wants ice cream trucks to cut down on the racket.

According to KTLA, the city of Long Beach, the oceanside city 30 minutes south of Los Angeles, wants to prevent ice cream truck operators from playing music while serving their frozen delights to local residents.

Long Beach City Councilman Dee Andrews told KTLA that noise complaints about the iconic ice cream trucks have increased steadily over the last few months.

"We definitely want ice cream trucks in our neighborhood, but we just want you to be neighborly and friendly," Andrews said.

Andrews' has a compromise - he wants the trucks to play their jingles while they drive, but not while parked. City officials tell KTLA that the city's attorney has a month to move the proposed ordinance to a council vote.

Attempts to cut down on neighborhood noise is nothing new, especially in the D.C. area. Over the last several weeks, a group of Columbia Heights residents held several public meetings in an effort to get fire trucks to cut down on siren noise.