Huggies angers fathers with diaper ad

Huggies' 'dad test' ad angers fathers (Photo: Nadia Phaneuf via Flickr)

Diaper maker Huggies is working against criticism from fathers, after they ran an ad depicting fathers as negligent caretakers.

Last week, Huggies started airing its “Dad Test” advertisements—the ads suggested that their diapers are such high quality that they could even withstand the neglect of a father. The ad, which depicted fathers watching a game with their children by them, sparked outrage.

Chris Routly of Pennsylvania, who is a father, launched a petition saying, “We’re Dads, Huggies. Not Dummies.” Over a thousand signatures were given to the petition.

“The intention was not to pick fun at dads, but only feature real dads, with their own babies in real life situations putting our Huggies diapers and baby wipes to the test,” Joey Mooring, the spokesman for Kimberly-Clark, the company that owns Huggies, said to the Washington Post.

“We have learned that our intended message did not come through and we have made changes,” Mooring said.

This week, the Post reported, Huggies will release new ads showing fathers napping with their children and generally looking more attentive.{ }

The company has also updated its Facebook page with the new changes.