Holiday shopping: Last minute deals offered by many retailers

For last minute shoppers, its crunch time.

According to a Consumer Report Survey, nearly 17 million people are expected to hit the stores Monday.

Conor Cadden is one of them—he has been away at college and is only now beginning to buy presents to place under the tree.

“I had something in mind for my girlfriend but I didn't know what to get my parents so that was like just walking around to see what I could grab,” Cadden said.

Retail analysts predict customer traffic will be the same as it was a year ago, but shoppers appear to be spending less. Many are grabbing gifts on sale—a reward for those willing to hit the stores on Christmas Eve.

“I got like 70 percent off and some nice guy even gave me a 20 percent off coupon,” said shopper Connor Payton.

Cory Payton says while it would be nice to save, he says it would also be nice to be done shopping.

“I’m just doing what I need to do, to take care of my family and my little nephew,” he said.

If you're really waiting until the last minute, don't worry, Macy's will be open until six Monday night, and other stores like Target will keep the doors open until 10pm.