Hershey's to make 3-D printer

Photo: JacQuLyne via Flickr

(WJLA) - As if Americans don't already have easy enough access to junk food, getting a candy bar could soon be as easy as hitting "print."

3D Systems (DDD) have announced a deal with Hershey's to collaborate on developing a 3-D printer that makes chocolate and other products, CNN reports.

Hershey sees it as a great delivery system for its products. In a statement, 3D Systems said making printers that print chocolate is a good way to help the new 3-D printing technology go mainstream.

3-D printing allows people to print tangible products instead of words on paper. It's usually done by adding raw material - in this case, chocolate - to the printer instead of ink and building the product layer by layer.

There's no word as to when the device might become available.