Harrison Okene rescued from capsized tugboat

Courtesy of West African Ventures

(WJLA) - When this tugboat capsized off the coast of Nigeria back in May due to heavy ocean swells, rescue teams thought all 12 men aboard had drowned.

And as rescue diver Jed Chamberlain reached out to a hand in the murky water, he never expected it to squeeze back. Incredibly, 29-year-old Harrison Okene had survived 100-feet underwater for two and a half days.

Chamberlain later told his team that it was one of his most terrifying moments underwater.

Okene happened to be on the toilet when the boat capsized. As it sank, he managed to find a four-square-foot air pocket within the boat, and stayed there in the pitch black dark, drinking Coca-Cola.

Okene's rescuer gave him a helmet providing a combination of oxygen and helium, which explains his high-pitched voice during their conversation.

In less than 30 minutes, Okene surfaced, and now six months later, you can bet he and his rescuers will never forget this particular rescue.