Halloween costumes for tweens too 'sexy?'

Halloween is a little over two weeks away and the costume crunch is on.

But this year, some parents are noticing an unsettling trend on the store shelves.

Children's costumes seem to be trending more sexy these days, like sexy gypsies or cave girl outfits.

The tween section - for kids 13 and under - is where the sexy is stored. Short skirts and skin are popular and selling.

Halloween has been trending more sexy for the last 10 years, according to store owners.

Psychologist Dr. Andrea Bonior says children are mirroring what they see the adults do.

"It's sad that you can't have a costume as such and such,” Bonior says. “It's got to be a sexy pirate."

Dressing up too sexy, too early might even cause future body image issues.

"I think overall the sexualization of little girls is getting worse and there's research that shows that it is related to depression to anxiety,” Bonior says.