Gun safety advocates rally for U.S. Surgeon General nominee

(WJLA) - Since the shooting rampage in Santa Barbara, “Not One More” has become a national rallying cry. And National Power Gun Safety advocates, led by the group, are taking their message directly to Congress.

They are urging senators to confirm U.S. Surgeon General Nominee Dr. Vivick Murphy, who has called gun safety a public health issue.

"I want to stop these deaths, want to stop these killings," says Anne Haynes, the widow of Ron Kirby. Kirby was the transportation expert who was shot and killed last November in Alexandria – a crime that remains unsolved.

"I just think of him there dying in our living's just devastated my life."

Dr. Murphy’s stance on gun safety has further energized both sides of the debate.

Larry Pratt heads Gun Owners of America in Springfield, and the organization along with the NRA is fighting Murphy’s confirmation:

"What he's missing is we need to control the criminals and punish them. We need to make it so people can defend themselves."

Like others here, Jeanette Richardson wants fewer guns, not more. Her son Patrick was shot and killed 10 years ago on New Year’s Eve in Newport News.

"I will advocate for Patrick until the day I die," she says.