Group claims to have hacked CIA website

A screengrab from the website, which seemed to be loading fine after a period of slow response earlier Wednesday evening.

(AP, ABC7) - A group of hackers who recently brought down a number of high-profile websites claimed responsibility for problems with the CIA's website Wednesday.

The group, known as Lulz Security, tweeted "Tango down -" There were problems throughout the early evening accessing the agency's website. The same group breached the Senate computer system earlier this week and recently hacked the websites of PBS and Sony.

“We are looking into these reports,” agency spokesperson Jennifer Youngblood told POLITICO.
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Tango down - - for the lulz.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet ReplyThe Lulz Boat

The attack appeared to be targeting the CIA's public website, which does not include classified data and has no impact on the CIA's operation. The website was loading Wednesday evening.

It is sometimes difficult to tell if a website has been hacked, or if the claim alone drove so many people to the site that it crashed.

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