Gov. Chris Christie's Superstorm Sandy audit

(WJLA) - On Monday, New Jersey lawmakers vowed to push further on investigating whether laws were broken through abuse of political power and tasking the newly formed legislative committee to determine if staff told Governor Christie anything about the bridge closure prior to last week.

"They do what they think he wants," says Assemblyman John Wisniewski. "And there is no room for error...So for him to say, 'I just found out on January 8,' is really hard to take."

This new scrutiny of Chris Christie has also emboldened New Jersey Democrats to raise other questions about the popular governor.

New Jersey Congressman Frank Pallone says there is now a federal investigation looking into this. Meanwhile, new ads featuring Christie and his family promoting NJ tourism following Hurricane Sandy were paid for by money intended for the cleanup – just as Christie was launching his re-election campaign for governor.

"This was money that could have directly been used for Sandy recovery," says Pallone. "And, as you know, many of my constituents still haven't gotten the money that is owed them to rebuild their homes or raise their homes or to help.”

Governor Christie had no public events on Monday, but Tuesday night he will deliver his State of the State Address. Given the continued focus on the governor, it is expected to be one of the most closely watched in New Jersey history.