Google launches Project Loon to broaden Internet access, Post reports

Google is launching Project Loon in order to connect those in rural, poor, or disaster-stricken areas to the Internet, the Washington Post reports.

The project will involve huge helium balloons that float 12 miles up in the air and will transmit WiFi signals down below.

Mike Cassidy is the director of Project Loon, and he explained that the purpose is to be able to provide access to cheaper Internet connections.

"We are focused on an enormous problem, and we don’t think we have the one solution today,” he said in a phone interview with the Post. “But we think we can help and start having a discussion on how to get 5 billion people in remote areas connected to the Internet."

Google currently has 30 balloons floating over New Zealand, and these balloons are equipped with antennas, radios, solar-powered panels, and navigation equipment. Their movements are based on wind patterns.

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