Georgia mistake puts $31,000 in 18-year-old's account but bank wants money back

(WJLA) - An 18-year-old teenager from Georgia found himself on the right side of a bank's mistake earlier this month when he discovered an extra $31,000 in his account. Now, the bank wants that money back.

According to a report in the Athens Banner-Herald, a bank in Hull, Ga., accidentally deposited $31,000 into the teenager's account instead of into another customer's account who shares the same name. In the 10 days between the initial deposit and the discover of the mistake, the teenager withdrew $20,000 and spent another $5,000 on his debit card.

When the teenager returned to the bank to withdraw more money, a teller informed him of the mistake and asked for the money back. The teen refused, insisting that the cash was an inheritance from a grandmother. The teenager told the same story to a sheriff's deputy called by the bank, which has said that it will prosecute if the money is not returned.

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