George Dalmon, Andy Miles barred from Great Britain Mongolian restaurant

Photo: © 2010 by Jeremy Brooks, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Apparently, for two men in Great Britain, even an all-you-can-eat buffet has its limits.

According to the BBC, the owner of a Mongolian restaurant in Brighton, England barred two 26-year-old men after calling them "filthy pigs" and accusing them of pushing other restaurant patrons in order to get food.

The BBC says that the manager of Gobi barred George Dalmon and Andy Miles after they ate five bowls of food, while also saying that they would "push and shuffle" people from the buffet area.

"As we were eating the last bowl, the owner came up and said never to come back again, we're disgusting, and we're eating him out of business, so we're nothing but filthy pigs," Dalmon said.