Gas prices go up, will spike again next week

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) - "I don't know why it's gone up...It's just unbelievable,” says a shocked taxi driver.

And it’s not just him – the prices at the pump did indeed go up, and they went up quickly. In D.C., the average price for regular gas went up 19-cents in less than two weeks, according to

Many aren't understanding the drastic changes that tend to happen so fast.

The reason for the increase is somewhat complicated, as some industry analysts point to the tension between Russia and Ukraine, as well as the Southeast U.S. experiencing a shortage in ethanol. More expensive premium gas is used to increase the octane levels, and that unrest eventually falls on you – the consumer.

"Yeah, I don't follow all that...I follow my bank balance and that tells me that something's not right, something's not good,” says Nicole Bell, who drives from Manassas into Arlington every day. And those extra cents on the gallon add up quickly:

"I guess in a month, $200, $300 in gas," she says.

There’s also this: AAA says gas prices will spike in the next week.