FTC: Tax refund theft currently on the rise

(WJLA) - Starting with a Target breach update, the hack may be traced to a 17-year-old Russian who authored the malware used in the security breach, according to cyber-intelligence firm, ‘Intel-Crawler.’

Plus, as we reported before, the breach that hit Target looks like it’s part of a bigger scam that affects several other stores. And according to a Homeland Security report, many retailers may not know they were hit yet. Reports say that the threat used against Target went undetected by anti-virus software.

Speaking of identity theft, the threat of thieves stealing your tax return refund is one the rise. The Federal Trade Commission says that complaints for identity theft currently sit at 43-percent.

It was 15-percent just three years ago.

All it takes is your social security number. Crooks can file fake returns, your real return gets kicked out, and then your refund gets denied – because the IRS thinks you were paid already.