Freedom Radio Iraq signing off

The Armed Forces network radio station in Iraq, called Freedom Radio, is now off the air. With the troop withdrawal deadline approaching, the radio station is being handed over to troops in Europe.

Army Sergeant Don Dees says he has mixed feelings about signing off Friday.

“It's been such a big part of my life and something I've been so proud and honored and lucky to do,” he said.

Freedom Radio Iraq began broadcasting in December 2003 and for eight years, it has provided news and information to servicemembers as well as music, encouragement and support.

Today-- some of the station's 5,000 Facebook fans posted farewell messages.

One wrote: "You made deployments much easier. Thank you!"

Another wrote: "Truly an end to a good thing. you all will be missed."

And family members in the U.S. sent in messages and song requests to their deployed loved ones.

Dees says he feels a bit melancholy about closing this chapter but is also proud of the service the station's team provided for so many.

“Knowing that we have a part of that personal life that kinda makes their deployment a little better is a very satisfying job to have,” he said.