Foxconn labor-rights violations to be remedied after audit, report says

China-based Foxconn is one of Apple's major suppliers. (Photo: Apple)

Foxconn, the major supplier for Apple that has come under major scrutiny for its labor practices, has pledged to remedy numerous problems uncovered in an audit released Thursday, CNN Money reports.

The audit lists dozens of rights violations at the company's plant in Shenzen, China, including unpaid wages, excessive overtime hours and inadequate salaries.

Auditors from the Fair Labor Association say that more than 60 percent of the workers at Foxconn's three factories don't make enough money to cover basic needs.

You can read the full FLA report here. The report goes into detail on all o fthe violations, including the fact that nearly half of the workforce, at one time, were working up to 70 hours per week. In addition, more than 64 percent of employees told the FLA that they didn't think their wages were fair for the amount of work they were doing.