First made-for-iPhone hearing aid available

(WJLA) - Sixty-five-year-old Michael Blake says he used to strain to carry on a conversation in a noisy restaurant:

"That's where my wife would come in -- she would be my translator basically," he says.

But now with his new hearing aids, Blake does it on his own with ease:

"The transformation was like getting eyesight, it was great!"

The Resound Linx is the first “made for iPhone hearing aid,” and users can adjust volume and switch between specific settings like everyday, restaurant, or ballpark, through an app on their iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

Audiologist Gary Mendelson says another major change is that users can stream their television, phone calls, and turn-by-turn navigation directly into their hearing aids:

“TV is phenomenal -- it has saved I don't know how many marriages because the wife can keep the TV down and the husband can hear the TV directly through here and control his own independent volume," he explains.

And if someone misplaces one of these, the “Find it” feature uses built-in GPS to pinpoint its location.

Mendelson thinks this new type of hearing aid will change the social stigma surrounding the devices:

"A hearing aid is not what your grandfather used to wear."

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And Blake says that after years of resisting getting help, he is so glad he finally caved:

"I'm just saying try it -- it's fantastic, the difference."

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