FBI finds notebook from James Holmes

Officials say James Holmes, the accused gunman in the Colorado movie theater shooting, mailed a spiral notebook to a University of Colorado psychiatrist that detailed plans for a massacre.

But, the psychiatrist never got it.

The package sat unopened in the school's mailroom for up to a week before the FBI opened it Monday night.

In that notebook, Fox News reports were drawings of a gun-toting stick figures blowing away other stick figures.

The psychiatrist alerted authorities about another package he'd received he thought was from Holmes. While that package turned out not to be from Holmes, the FBI decided to search the entire mailroom just in case and found a package with Holmes' name on the return address, containing the notebook

Meanwhile, ABC News has learned that on June 7, just hours after Holmes took a key oral exam at the University of Colorado - an exam he reportedly failed - he purchased a high-powered rifle, adding it to his growing arsenal.

Some say flunking that test may have triggered a mental meltdown.{ }

Dr. Marisa Randazzo, a former Secret Service chief psychologist, explained, "All of those things could actually make a dormant schizophrenia come out and come out relatively quickly."

Monday, those recovering from the mass shooting got a surprise visit from Batman star Christian Bale. The actor met with several of the wounded moviegoers, as well as doctors. Bale and his wife also brought flowers to the memorial near the movie theater.

Interim President of the Medical Center of Aurora Bill Voloch said, "He was amazing. He was kind, he was considerate. He was a true gentleman."

Amid the destruction and death, there's also life. Hugo Medley was born to parents caught in the rampage. Baby and mom, Katie, are fine.

Her husband, Caleb, was shot in the face, losing a eye. He is listed in critical condition.

"It is bittersweet. We were all looking forward to this. We were all excited about this, and it is, it is a silver lining to a very dark cloud," Caleb's brother, Seth Medley, said.

Authorities say Holmes took the time to plan the attack, assembling several weapons and ammunition and acted like a focused marksman during the shooting, which might make claims of mental illness difficult.

Investigators believe Holmes received weapons training and are working
to find out where he got it.