FAA relaxes electronic device rules for flights

We all remember when in 2011, actor Alec Baldwin got kicked off a plane for not turning off his electronic device and then later tweeted about it.

Now, according to a leaked preliminary draft from a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) fact-finding committee, the FAA is apparently ready to relax the nearly half-century old rules keeping you from using your iPad, e-book reader, or smartphone during take-off and landing.

The Wireless Association applauds the idea, saying: "It’s a common sense step in the right direction. I’m glad to see the FAA is acknowledging the realities of the 21st century economy.”

The FAA, however, quickly back-tracked after the leak today and granted the committee time to investigate the idea for another two months, saying they "recognize consumers are intensely interested in the use of personal electronics aboard aircraft."

The passengers ABC 7 spoke with are willing to leave it up to the Feds, saying if the FAA says it’s safe, they would keep their devices powered on -- though flight attendants worry passengers won’t pay attention to safety briefings

But one pilot says there’s an easy fix for that: “After the announcements about passenger safety are over, then we can permit them to use their devices.”