FAA could lift tablet ban within a year

They seem to always make the news – passengers who misbehave on flights, like actor Alec Baldwin, who refused to turn off his Words with Friends game on his cell phone.

There is always the sneaky electronic user.

“I get yelled at a lot actually,” says Steve Henderson, a passenger.

Several reports out today say the Federal Aviation Administration is under tremendous pressure to let people use tablets like iPads and Kindles on planes. The argument has been that you couldn’t use them below 10,000 feet during takeoff and landing.

“I think that they should let us have our tablets,” says Jessica Ludgate. “For one, I get bored on the plane, to be honest.”

Last year, the FAA allowed some airline pilots to use their iPads in the cockpit.

“If they can use it, why can’t we?” asks Jami Ludgate. “It just doesn’t make sense if they can have a tablet or something else.”

Many frequent flyers have said there is no proof that these devices cause an interference with flight control.

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill said she plans to hold the FAA accountable by introducing legislation on the issue. She says she made that decision after learning iPads were handed out to flight attendants with information on procedures.

The FAA could announce the tablet changes by the end of the year. The change, however, would not include cell phones.