Erica Nigrelli, daughter Elayna improving after mom's heart stopped

Now three months old, Elayna may be taken off of oxygen soon. Photo: CNN/KPRC

A Houston-area mother and her infant daughter are continuing to improve after she delivered the baby while she was technically dead.

KPRC in Houston says that Erica Nigrelli was 36 weeks pregnant with her daughter, Elayna, when she collapsed while teaching at an area high school. A group of co-workers swept in to resuscitate her after her heart stopped, using CPR and a defibrillator.

After she was rushed to the hospital, KPRC reports that doctors performed an emergency Caesarian section; one that is officially classified as postmortem because Nigrelli's heart wasn't beating.

Doctors were then able to start her heart again, and three months later, both mother and daughter are close to a full recovery.