England T-Mobile cell phone store trashed by angry customer (Video)

After trashing the store, the customer took a fire extinguisher to the place. Photo: YouTube/Niall42

There are ways to deal with what you perceive to be poor customer service, and then there's what 42-year-old Jason Codner did to a T-Mobile store in England.

TNT Magazine reports that Codner was not able to get a refund on a product that he was not entitled to this past weekend at a Manchester, England cell phone store.

So, instead of taking it up with management, he allegedly destroyed the shop.

A bystander caught the entire, stunning scene on video. Note the use of a fire extinguisher to put the finishing touches on the mayhem.

TNT reports that Codner has been charged with criminal damage and public order offenses.

It's also safe to say he probably will not be welcome at any T-Mobile stores anytime soon.