Douglas Kennedy charged with taking his own baby from hospital

Douglas Kennedy faces charges for trying to take his own child for a walk.

(AP, WJLA) - Robert Kennedy's youngest son faces charges stemming from a confrontation with nurses at the hospital where his son was just born.

The ruckus unfolded last month at Northern Westchester Hospital just north of New York City.

A lawyer for a suburban New York maternity nurse says she called in a hospital alert for a newborn abduction when Douglas Kennedy tried to take his three-day-old son off the floor for a walk.

A group of nurses says they saw Kennedy head for the door but they were not sure if he had permission to take the child. A lawyer for the nurses tells the New York Post that hospital guidelines say a newborn can't leave the ward without written permission. The nurses say Kennedy attacked them and injured them.

Kennedy said his son Bo needed some fresh air.

The confrontation was caught on surveillance camera and shows Kennedy attempting to get on an elevator. However a nurse stopped him saying he did not have the doctor's okay. Kennedy then heads for the stairwell instead and that's where it gets physical.

The tape catches Kennedy lifting a leg and a nurse falling back on the ground.

In a statement from the nurses' lawyer, "Kennedy twisted the arm of one nurse and while the other tried to secure the newborn's head, Kennedy kicked her in the pelvis, propelling her through the air into the middle of the corridor."

Kennedy's lawyer calls it rubbish.

Kennedy has been charged with harassment and child endangerment in the Jan. 7 altercation. Kennedy and his wife Molly say in a statement that the charges are "absurd," "sickening" and "warped."

He was arraigned Thursday.